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Cathryn Beeks and Listen Local have been sharing the music your neighbors are making for almost 20 years. From the first podcast with Idynomite Media in 2004 to years spent on terrestrial radio stations 102.1 KPRi, 89.1FM KNSJ Community Radio, and Pala Rez Radio 91.3FM, The Listen Local Show is honored to continue sharing local, original, unsigned music from San Diego and beyond. Thank you for your support!


playing in San Diego next month? SUBMIT your song and message!

The Listen Local Show is an "audio calendar" available on demand that features songs by bands and songwriters who are hitting stages near you in the month ahead. Hosted by Cathryn Beeks with a guest co host each month, the show features local (San Diego county) original music of ALL genres. The 2nd half of the show is a playlist of songs submitted and introduced by music makers from all over the planet. 

SUBMIT A SONG FOR THE SHOW! Email and attach a WAV or MP3 or a downloadable link to one original song (per month) by the 25th of each month. Please include your public shows for that following month OR BETTER YET record a voice message (on your phone or however is easiest) with info about you, your band, your song, the shows you're playing that month, etc. and we'll play it before your song. If you have no shows to promote we'll try and include your song at the end of the show but it MUST be accompanied by a personal intro message. Dig? There is no fee or compensation to artists. That's it! Any questions? Thank you for allowing us to share your music and for supporting the show on Patreon!

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